Meet the Muse : Alex Armor

Meet Alex Armor, muse and model of our most recent Leisure Capsule. Behind this gorgeous gal with rosy cheeks and mermaid hair, is a super sweet, fun loving personality with killer style and talent. We talk self care, downtime, her artwork and more in our Meet the Muse questionnaire below.

Do you have any self-care routines?

When I get overwhelmed with my sometimes insane job or stupid adult life responsibilities it feels centering to take care of my body, whether it's going for a run or jade-rolling a ridiculously expensive, probably does squat, potion into my skin at night. I believe in the mental benefits of taking purposeful control of your life, even if it's in a small insignificant area. Bubble baths and wine and cleaning help too!

Do you have any tips for sticking to a routine?, it can be so easy to get lost in the daily hustle and bustle.

I am very much a boring old lady at heart and LIVE by routines. So the challenge for me is to actually let myself get lost in that hustle and bustle you mention. 

How do you get your day started - coffee or tea?

My cute sweetie partner makes me iced coffee every morning that I drink as I drive to work. Mornings are super early for me-coffee and sunrises make it bearable (barely). 

Music you're listening to right now?

I've been listening nonstop to Miya Folick's Premonition lately. I really am open to listen to pretty much anything and love new music suggestions and diving into nostalgic listens equally. My Spotify top played list is a weird wild ride. 

What inspires your artwork?

Color and shape and the obsession with capturing individual expression. Since I was a little weird kid, I've been attracted to drawing and sketching faces- nostrils, eyeballs, lips etc. Lately I have been wanting to deconstruct these details into their most basic suggestion of line and form. 

How did you get started?

I would spend what seemed like hours watching my mom draw in her sketchbook at the kitchen table on the weekends. I tried to copy her from day one.  

Any newness or plans for more soon we can look out for?

Right now I'm just having fun! Not much in the works, but always open to new projects. 

Alex's artwork pictured below at Roger's Cottage, an up + coming extension of boutique hotel Guest House Raleigh.

Favorite thing to do for a gals day?

I really enjoy diving into the most cliche types of hangs with my ladies. They are all very special to me and being in their presence fills me with the greatest joy. We love to brunch somewhere yummy, thrift, laze in the sun, and make complicated cocktails and forget half the ingredients.

Favorite date places in your area?

Love a night out with my hunny-we can usually turn just about anything into a date night. But some faves are Pizzeria Toro or Dashi followed by drinks on the roof of the Durham Hotel or a cozy night at Kitchen in Chapel Hill.
You seem to have all the best thrift finds! Favorite vintage places to frequent? ( If you want to share! lol)

That is so sweet! I go all over the place searching for exciting and weird items and most of the time find nothing at all. I think the key is going very frequently to a few spots to catch the good stuff before it’s snagged. I love the Durham Rescue Missions in the area as well as the goodwills and sometimes search as far as Danville and Burlington for untouched shops.  


You have a depop right? Where can we shop it?

I do indeed. You can find me at