Silk Noil Produce Bags

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Our Produce Bags are designed for the mindful and eco-conscious shopper.  Made to replace the plastic version found at the grocery store. 

This Silk Noil edition was made for produce or florals that contain moisture that might leak through our Silk Organza version. Think flowers and freshly misted leafy greens. Silk Noil has a natural wicking quality that will contain and absorb droplets of moisture. This edition comes in a Large size and is sold individually, measuring approx. 12" x 22" in size. Sewn with Silk Noil remnants from our apparel collections. Hand dyed and sewn in our studio in NC.

Take Care : Wash with cold water whenever needed. Air dry. Pack and use with your reusable market bags. 

Available in natural colorways Ecru.

Ready to ship.